50th Anniversary Survey

Greetings! The Worcester County Poetry Association is turning 50! As part of our 50 year celebration, we’re reaching out to our members and the community to collect information about what we’re doing well, where we could use some improvement, and how you’d like us to expand and change so we thrive for another 50 years!

This survey will take between 5-10 minutes to complete. We encourage you to be open and honest with us, so we can learn and grow. All of your answers will be held in complete confidence. The only person who will see the answers is our consultant, who will share the answers – without names -- with the WCPA board in a summary format.
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3. Have you heard about the Worcester County Poetry Association (WCPA)?
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4. To what degree is Worcester County Poetry Association important to you?
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6. What is your experience with/opinion of the Worcester County Poetry Association?
7. What do you think the WCPA does well?
8. Where is there room for improvement?
9. What would you like to see the Worcester County Poetry Association do as it enters its next 50 years? How could the organization be more relevant for you?
10. If you’re not a current member, what would get you excited enough to join?
Ok, that’s a wrap! Thanks again for taking time out to complete this survey! We truly appreciate your input! ☺
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