SCHOOLS OUT! Play Rehaboo active beta
Welcome to test an active game offering fun #powerbreak for remote workers and learners. We offer You a possibility to be among first ones to test Rehaboo active game online with your laptop. Participants of "Rehaboo active online" will be curated and contacted via email with code to test play the game. After test trial, participants will receive a survey for feedback. Please apply below!

Beta runs on Windows OS in laptop or PC with camera. Every week we reward 3 players by best score, most active player and draw. So get ready. Iron your sweatpants and T-shirts, active is new black!

Welcome to have a #powerbreak!

Team Rehaboo!
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Rehaboo Oy omistaa kaikki tekijänoikeudet "Betatesting Rehaboo active online" materiaaleihin kuten myös palautekyselyyn vastauksineen ja pidättää luvan käyttää palautetta tuotekehityksessään sekä markkinoinnissaan. Rehaboo Oy holds all copyrights for "Betatesting rehaboo active online" materials aswell as for feedback survey with responses and holds right to use feedback fro product development and marketing. *
Welcome to play with Boo!
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