Rhythmic Force Percussion 2018 Registration
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If currently in High School or College, Where? Year in school? Music/Band/Studio teacher?
If not in school please indicate if you work full time or part time.
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Please provide us with a brief description of your experience
What you play, your education, marched, where, and for how long.
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Method of Payment for Audition Fee
Pay online on our payment page or make checks payable to Rhythmic Force when you arrive on site.
First Instrument Audition Choice
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Second Instrument Audition Choice
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Would you be able to attend all 2016 Audition dates?
If "No" please explian your conflict.
Include the conflict date, if showing up late please list the estimated time of your arrival.
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*Snare, Tenors, Cymbals, Bass Guitar, ONLY: Instrument Needs
To maximize your audition experience we encourage the sections listed in the question to bring an instrument. Rhythmic Force can provide you with one but we have limited numbers available, and are made available on a first come first serve. Sanres and Tenors we encourage you bring both a Carrier and a Stand.
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