2023-24 Centralia Virtual Academy Application Form
**Please take note that this is NOT an application for Futurus High School**

The CVA will continue to accept applications on a case by case basis. Know that your completion of the application will be held until the next trimester start. All new applications will be reviewed two weeks before trimesters end and any changes to student schedules will be communicated through counselors. Please make sure you speak with your school counselor before completing the application. They need to know of your interest to attend virtually.
  • Trimester 3 start is March 11, 2024 - application review will begin February 26th
You have reached the CVA 2023-24 application page. Only grades 7 through 12 are being offered for CMS, CHS, and other district boundary students. Returning CVA students must complete this application in order to continue being enrolled in the CVA. New students can do the same but are pending approval.

Completing the application does not guarantee a spot, but the application is timestamped and your place in line will matter at some point.

If interested, please thoroughly read and complete the form below to submit your child's application.  If you have any questions, please contact the principal, James Bowers, at jbowers@centralia.wednet.edu for help in answering questions, you can also text 360.388.0821 for a call back.

Do not complete this form if your student(s) will not be able to attend everyday by class period assigned for the entire class period based on their individualized schedule in 7th through 12th grade. This is not a work at your own pace program like most virtual programs. We zoom in each period at the CVA middle and high schools (every day, all day). More information is located on our FAQ page.

If you have more than one child to register, please complete a form for each child.

A home internet connection is required.

Please speak with your school counselor before filling out this application. 

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Program Information
ONCE THE APPLICATION HAS CLOSED YOU MUST ENROLL IN THE BOUNDARY SCHOOL IN THE AREA YOU RESIDE. Your student would attend for in-person learning until you are contacted by Centralia Virtual Academy. If you do not register into your boundary school, please make sure you have other educational arrangements for you student such as an Inter-District Transfer form to an alternate district or an Intent to Homeschool is on file with your local district office.

Waitlist applications will be reviewed at each Trimester break.  

Once the registration form is received, attendance will be reviewed and your child's principal from last year will review the application with Mr. Bowers. This is a full year program. Transfers back to in-building learning may be requested at the trimester and will be considered, if space is available, on a case by case basis.

All students in state assessment grades (7-12; excluding 9th) will test, in-building, based upon the building they are enrolled in through the CVA; Centralia Middle School, or Centralia High School. All communication from the school will be shared once the state assessment schedules are confirmed by building. This should happen after Spring Break in April. Transportation will not be provided for testing.

Internet access is required to enroll in the program. The District will provide a MiFi/Cradle Point if needed but only to families in need. 

A Chromebook will be provided for each student and MUST be used while online with their teacher(s); no exceptions.

Once accepted into the program, parents and students will sign a compact verifying understanding of the daily schedule, attendance expectations, engagement expectations, and overall program expectations.

All students are part of CMS or CHS and are entitled to the activities and sports associated. You will need to contact the building if you are interested.

If Out of District (not living in Centralia School District boundary), which district do you live in? Out of District students will need to begin the Choice process at their home district office. The Choice process does not ensure enrollment in the Centralia School District.
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