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The short film Women, Peace & Power was created by Peace is Loud, a nonprofit organization that uses the power of media to amplify women’s voices for peacebuilding. This 23-minute film can be used as a training tool for diplomats, policymakers, peacebuilders, and students of international affairs, to spark a discussion on the nexus of gender and security.


Worldwide, over 90% of peace negotiators are men. Women, Peace & Power follows the stories of female activists, politicians, and ordinary citizens in Afghanistan, Liberia, and Northern Ireland as they try to influence peace talks against all odds. While some of these peacebuilders use sit-ins and mass rallies to push for change, others win elections to negotiate at the peace table. All face challenges to their authority and legitimacy as they attempt to steer their countries away from war.

Questions? Contact: kaitlyn@peaceisloud.org

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