AYB Staff Application - (Advertise Your Bot)
Thank you for applying at AYB!  Before you apply, please make sure you meet all requirements listed below:

• Are a member of the AYB Discord Server (https://discord.gg/XzKkZRr)
• Are 15 or older (16 or older if you live in regions that require you to be 16 to use Discord)
• Have been in the AYB server for AT LEAST one month
• Are willing to spend a lot of time at AYB
• Have little (very minor) to no infractions/warnings here at AYB or AYS
• Are a motivated person who is willing to join this program

If you meet all the requirements, please continue filling out this form.  Please also have your DMs ON!  This is so our bot can contact you with information regarding your submission.  You should receive a DM upon submission.  If not, that means your DMs were off.  Please do not submit this more than once!

Our bot has a method to combat spam.  All submission attempts are logged and multiple submissions may raise flags on the bot.  You are allowed to make multiple submissions if you want to apply for multiple positions.

Answer all questions truthfully and honestly!  If you do not do so, consequences may occur and your chance of being accepted into the staff team may be significantly lowered.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.
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What is your User ID? *
Must be your numerical Discord user ID. Failure to provide a valid ID may result in the application being rejected. (For more specific instructions on obtaining your numerical Discord ID, visit https://goo.gl/u2gn8V).  DOUBLE CHECK THIS ANSWER TO MAKE SURE ITS RIGHT!  THIS IS HOW WE WILL CONTACT YOU!
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Upon choosing the position you want, you will be transferred to the appropriate section of this form pertaining to the position you chose.
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