Focus Group
The latest focus group finished on February 14th. We will post the dates for the next group soon.

The focus group is for those who wish to make a commitment to their spiritual lives over a minimum period of one month focusing on self-inquiry, meditation, and surrender whilst being supported in this process with regular group meetings.

Meeting together in this way brings a deeper sense of trust, connection, and intimacy. This supports us in resting in presence and embracing our humanness. The focus group is for those who have a deep calling to discover inner peace. Our main purpose in the meetings is to be present inside the spiritual heart. There is nothing for the ego in these meetings.

Meetings are live and include guided or silent meditations, talks with Paul, and opportunities to share and ask questions or explore the topics listed below. Ulrika holds one meeting per month as well as the sharing groups.

Your Commitment;

To join the focus group you must attend at least one meeting per week and make a donation before the group begins.

Meeting times and days:

Saturday mornings at 9.30 am UK time (10.30 am CET)
Wednesday evenings at 6.30 pm UK time (7.30 pm CET)

Sharing groups on Sunday afternoons at 5 pm UK time (6 pm CET)

Meetings last between 1-1.5 hours


The focus group is supported by your conscious donation.
see FAQ below for questions on donations

Sign up:

The focus group is held on an ongoing monthly basis. When you sign up, you join from the beginning of the next month. The sign-up form is at the bottom of this document.

Meetings are held on zoom, log in details will be sent after sign up and donation.

Common themes in meetings:

* Inner peace
* Self Inquiry
* Meditation
* Presence
* True Self
* The egoic mind
* The Inner child
* Embracing our humanness
* The Spiritual Heart
* Surrender and prayer
* Love and forgiveness
* Conscious relationships
* Life after awakening

About Paul:

Paul spent 12 years as a practicing Buddhist until 2002 when in the midst of deep suffering he had a profound awakening from mind identity into presence. This experience led him to leave his job as a school teacher and spend long periods of time in South India. This was where he met his teacher Sri Mooji who introduced him to the self-inquiry teachings popularised by the sage Ramana Maharshi. This was where he realised his true nature.

Since 2010 Paul has been holding meetings and retreats with groups of people mostly in Spain, the UK, and Scandanavia. Paul’s approach is natural, compassionate, warm, and clear. Always combining the deep embodiment of presence with a direct and authentic approach to spirituality.

Listen to Paul's meditations here:

Look at Pauls writings here:

Watch Paul's videos here:

Meetings in Stillness webpage:


'Thank you, Paul. The first time I sat with you I cried like a baby, very deeply, for 20 minutes afterward; I couldn't quite believe that I didn't need to pretend anymore! Thank you so much for showing authenticity and vulnerability in all its beauty.' R.R

'Paul, in meeting you, something very powerful is now about to happen here…..a beautiful breakthrough. The remarkable gentleness in your guiding makes some of my resistance and ignorance melt.' Hans

'I have witnessed, and have experienced for myself, the clarity and stillness that Paul embodies. Spending time with him is a pure blessing. There is a simplicity in his message that resonates visibly with many people. Don't miss an opportunity to sit with him'. Sam


Q: How much should I donate?
A: This will depend on your personal circumstances and how much you value the meetings. Most people donate between £40-£120 GBP per month (which is equivalent to £5-£15 per meeting). Please donate what you feel is a fair exchange for what is being offered (8-12 meetings per month)

Q: When can I sign up?
A: You can sign up at any point but you can only join from the start of the following month

Q: Is there a limited number of participants for the focus group?
A: Yes, if it is full you will be notified and put on the waiting list.

Terms and conditions please read here

To join the focus group complete the booking form below, and we will send you further details.

Warm Regards

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