Invitation Letter Request
For those of you with friends and relatives who will be applying for visas to come to the United States, the Office of International Student Affairs will provide invitation letters, which can support their visa application to the U.S. Please complete this form completely so we can best prepare your invitation letter.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to prepare the invitation letter, please give our office at least a week and half. You'll be contacted as soon as your letter is ready for pick-up.

Your First Name/Given Name
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Your Last Name/Family Name/Surname
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Your Email Address
Please type in the email address you must regularly check. We need this to let you know when your letter is ready for pick up or to email your invitation letter.
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Your Phone Number
Please type in the phone number to best reach you, including the country code, if applicable. We need this to let you know when your letter is ready for pick up.
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If you would like a letter for more than one guest, do they each need their own letter?
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