SHPE Region 1: 2017 - 2018 Regional Funding Requests
The Region 1 Regional Funding Committee invites you to submit a request for funds to execute events in your area that support your chapter's goals, regional goals, and ultimately the SHPE National strategic plan. Funds will be distributed through reimbursement of expenses incurred with proof of receipt.

Let the Regional Funding Committee know
1. Why should your event or program receive funds?
2a. How does this event or program align with the strategic goals of SHPE?
2b. OR - How does the event or program align with the intent of Regional Strategic Goals?
3. For what will the funds be used?

- Only one form per event (NOT per chapter involved)
- Designate only one chapter to submit this form (if partnering with other chapters)
- Download the expense reimbursement form here (to be used to submit expenses from event):

- We can only reimburse submitted receipts that pertain to chapters listed in the submission form
- Funding requests should be submitted four weeks (or as soon as possible) prior to the stated date and execution of the event.
- The committee will review each submission and notify those who are eligible for funds
- If you have NOT heard back within 2 days, please contact your Regional leadership to find out why there is a delay
- If you have not received confirmation for the funds, then you must assume the funds have NOT been approved
- Maximum reimbursement for a given event is typically $500, so requests for amounts greater than that are likely to be rejected
- Requests for smaller amounts may have a better chance of being approved
- Funds cannot be used for SHPE paraphernalia, scholarships, or SHPE Conference registration/travel.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Region 1 VP(

Full Guidelines inlcuded :
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What is the name of the event, program or initiative? *
Please provide the name of the event, program or initiative.
Chapter submitting for event *
Select your chapter (this is considered the primary hosting chapter for this event).
Additional Chapters involved with event *
Select additional chapters involved in this event.
Please list your Chapter if you indicated "Other" for Chapter submitting for event (such as new or Junior Chapters).
Please provide the name of your Region 1 SHPE Chapter if it was not listed in the drop-down list above.
Please list additional chapters involved with this event if you indicated "Other" for additional chapters.
Please provide the name(s) of other SHPE chapters (Junior, Student or Professional chapters) associated with this event.
What type of event is your chapter planning on hosting? *
Your event must support your chapter's goals, regional goals, and ultimately the SHPE National strategic plan. With regards to Networking events, the regional funds will not support food or beverages for this.
If "Other" indicated above for type of event, please explain:
Please provide additional details for why this event deserves funding if it is not relating to any of the five pillars
Contact name for your event. (Such as Manuel Alvarez) *
Notification of funding and event related communications will be sent to this person's email. This name will be the default name to be used on the reimbursement voucher.
Contact email for your event. (Such as *
Notification of funding and event related communications will be sent to this email. This email will also be used on the reimbursement voucher.
Contact phone for your event. (Such as 555-555-1212.) *
This provides us a great way to reach you in the event of an urgent need or question. This phone would also be used on the reimbursement voucher.
What is the date and time of your event? *
Please provide the date and start time of your event
Where will your event be hosted?
Provide the location and indicate if it is a tentative or confirmed location.
How many people do you expect at your event? *
Indicate the estimated number of students, number of professionals, number of presenters, and number of sponsors.
How much funding assistance are you requesting for this event? *
Reminder: Typically no more than $500 is approved and expenses can only be reimbursed for properly submitted receipts.
What would this money be used for? *
Provide the estimated (or exact) budget for the event. Items could include materials, supplies, room fees, or food. Deviations from this list for actual expenses would most likely be rejected.
What is the cost for attendance to this event? *
Please provide costs for SHPE members and non-members.
Why do you believe your chapter should receive funds for this event? (500 characters or less) *
Briefly summarize why your chapter should receive the funds. Include past successes; connect your event to one of the five pillars of SHPE (academic development, professional development, leadership development, community outreach, or chapter development). Relate your event to a chapter goal, regional goal, or to the SHPE Nationals strategic plan.
Who is invited to your event?
SHPE members = students (high school, undergrad, and graduate) and professionals
Please provide link(s) to your event *
Please provide all URL(s) to Facebook, EventBrite, Meetup, Chapter Website or other locations where your event has been posted (one URL per line)
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