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Grants are awarded for projects or programs that utilize innovative teaching techniques that promote BSIP, CSIP, and/or MSIP standards that reflect our district curriculum learning targets. Grant applications may be submitted individually or by a group of teachers. Grant awards will be a maximum of $2,000 for any project. Neither teachers nor buildings are limited in the number of grant applications submitted. Each grant needs a Principal authorization (separate form). Grant applications due January 24, 2020.
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By checking the "yes" box the applicant(s) are indicating they accept the obligation to document the project, and if requested, make a verbal and/or visual presentation of the project before the Foundation and its guests. It is understood that materials and equipment purchased with this grant money are property of the Park Hill School District. *
A description of the target population, expected outcomes and the process for achieving these outcomes. That is, who will be your learners? What will they accomplish and how? *
State your need to do the project and how this need is supported with local data/facts. *
What opportunity exists that you can take advantage of to benefit your learners? State how the educational need/opportunity is significant for the district as documented by BSIP, CSIP, and/or MSIP findings. *
Show how the educational need/opportunity directly relates to your district curriculum learning targets and/or essential questions. *
Goals: Describe what you want the learners to accomplish and what changes are desired. *
State how you will know if and when the goals/objectives have been accomplished. Include objectives that describe measurable, anticipated and beneficial changes in target population. *
What methods will you use to make your determinations? *
Describe what the learners will do, when they will do it, and what materials and procedures will be used. *
A description of how the project/program utilizes innovative teaching techniques that promote performance based student learning reflecting district curriculum learning targets. *
Describe what services, training, equipment and materials are important and necessary to implement your project. Budget should include: Items, cost and justification, please consider shipping costs. *
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