Participants Introduction for Lilly Endowment Funded Projects
Thank you for participating in this exercise to more fully understand personal and congregational financial leadership and literacy. Our goal is to understand a participant’s skills in this area of ministry as part of the Lilly Endowment funded Clergy Financial Well-Being Initiative. We are grateful for your participation and thank you for helping us continue our research and learning from each of the education components of this project.

In preparation for the upcoming workshop, we are asking all participants to complete a survey as we evaluate the resources and strategies implemented through this project. We will keep your identity confidential and will share any summaries or observations from the data collected with you. Thank you for your leadership and for participating in our research and assessment exercised throughout this project!

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving this process, please contact

Project Manager Bonnie Marden


Personal Financial Stewardship Section
Please rate your competence and confidence with your personal financial knowledge. *
Please rate your satisfaction level with your knowledge in financial stewardship. *
For the following questions, rank your personal financial disciplines with 5= Very Consistently to 1= Not Consistently
I/We use a personal budget to manage my household income and expenses. *
I/We have established savings and emergency funds equal to 3-4 months of my household expenses. *
I/We have begun contributions to a retirement plan or other savings based on my anticipated retirement income goals. *
I/We pay off my credit cards monthly. *
I/We have no debt and pay debt off early. *
I/We have personal investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA’s, SEP) which support my current or future retirement income. *
I/We have a Will and have created a plan for my family and my estate including my philanthropic wishes. *
The area I most need to give additional attention to include (check all that apply) *
The location of my/our documents and estate plans are known by my attorney or other family members. *
Any additional information or comments you wish to share….
Your answer
I am comfortable with my pastoral compensation package. *
If No, describe why you feel uncomfortable or what you need.
Your answer
My giving to the church is known by some members of the congregation. *
If No, please explain.
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