Pain(T) Party Commission Form
Fill this thing out and get some dirty art.
You can buy some totally SFW art with this, too, if you'd like.
If you need to see samples of my art, visit my deviantArt or Blog: or
Your artwork will be delivered via email as a 300 dpi image measuring around 11 x 14 inches.

Turnaround time is about 1-3 days for each stage.

If you need extras, you will be invoiced for the extras.

If you have no image references for your character, I can work from text. I would ask for you to have reference materials ready so that the job can go more quickly (poses, colors, body refs, etc.).

Once information is confirmed via email, we move on to the next step!

*Note about revisions:
For most packages, I'll still make tweaks (color changes, changing a small detail) and fixes I might have missed in the description. Anything excessive that was NOT mentioned in the details you sent over (i.e. you've changed your mind and want the character doing something else) will require a $10 charge per revision.

Email address
Your Online Handle / Pen Name (Used for crediting original characters)
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Will Do / Won't Do
♥ Pin-Up ♥ Femdom ♥ Macrophila ♥ Robots/Mecha ♥ Most NSFW (Ask!) ♥ Monsters ♥ Romance (F/F, M/M, F/M) ♥ Fan Art/Parodies ♥ Humor ♥ Sci-Fi ♥ Fantasy ♥

If you don't see it listed here (anthros aren't my specialty, but I still draw them, for example), that doesn't mean that it's off-limits. My spectrum is wide-open, so don't be afraid to ask.

🞮 Rape 🞮 Loli/Shota 🞮 Inflation 🞮 Hyper 🞮 Racism/Sexism 🞮

How are payments handled?
You will need to pay before we begin. Commissions over $50 are allowed to pay 50% up front, and the remainder before final delivery- but all images will be heavily watermarked if you choose this option.
Ready to Order?
Commission Packages
All prices, unless noted, are for one-character full body images with minor props.

Some services, such as comic pages and reference sheets, require you to have some pre-existing image of your character to work from. Example: Maybe you have art of your character, but not a straightforward one for those drawing your character. You might want a reference sheet.

***Character Reference Sheets include a front, back, and side(en profile, not 3/4ths) pose and 3 headshots. You can choose either nude or clothed, or add both for an extra $35

After choosing your packages and extras, you'll be allowed to give a short description of what you'd like to have made.

What package are you interested in?
Side dishes are optional. I will let you know the final price; but, if you'd like to do the math yourself:

Insert panels (not for a full comic page) are +50% of the base price.

Extra characters are +50% the base price.

Detailed backgrounds are +75%

Example: You want a couples picture with clean lines, full color, and a very detailed background.
Base cost: $35
Extra character $35(0.5) = $17.50 for one character
BG $35(0.75) = $26.25 for the bg on this package

So, the total would be $78.75

Detailed background means scenery/detailed room, etc. Don't choose that option if you just want props like furniture.

How many characters will be in your picture? (Comic pages don't need this.)
Your answer
Will you need a detailed background? (Comic pages don't need this.)
Please describe (in 3-5 sentences) what poses, expressions, and actions you would like in the picture. You will be able to provide your image references and additional details when I email you if you don't URLs include them.
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Your Info
The Important Stuff!
I would like to pay via:
Rights & Waivers
For fan art commissions, the commissioner always remains anonymous unless I'm told otherwise.

For commissions containing your original character, your online name (never your real name) is credited as the owner. However, you may opt out of this.

If you wish for this art not to be reposted at all, there is a fee required.

This section is not required and can be skipped if nothing here applies to you.

This is a fan art Commission, and I'd like for people to know who asked for this!
This commission contains my original character, but I'd like to remain anonymous.
I would like for this commission not to be posted anywhere such as your blog, deviantArt, and any other online portfolios, and will be paying the $100 privacy fee.
Terms of Service (Finally!)
You understand that:

+ By submitting this form for a quote, it is NOT a commitment to pay.

+ Only until details are agreed upon and payment is received do we enter a binding agreement.

+ Once payment is sent, that is our commitment to work together.

+ No refunds can be given for services rendered.

I agree to all that stuff up there.
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