Meyer 1560: how would you like it done?
I'm planning to publish a facsimile of Meyer's glorious 1560 manuscript. This needs to be in full colour, and about the same size as the original, which is 29cm by 21cm, about 11x8.5 inches, and in landscape format.

My current print on demand service doesn't offer any landscape options, and the smaller p.o.d. services that do are quite expensive. I need to know how the people likely to buy it think I should do this. The best options I can find at the moment are:
1: to keep the price low (about 30 dollars), and lose the landscape orientation (the book would be bound along its top edge)
2: up the price to about 45 dollars, have it in landscape, but make the book slightly smaller (down to 9x7 inches, 18x23cm)
3: to triple the price to about 90 dollars and have the book open correctly, in full size.

Which should I do? If 100 people can agree on a format, I can afford to do it...
Please share this form with anyone you think might be interested. I'm collecting email addresses so that I can keep you informed of progress.
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