Domestic travel survey
Hi! I'm Nina, and I blog at I'm doing this short survey on domestic travel, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions!

This survey is purely anonymous, and the responses will be used as part of a market research I am doing for a new business.

Let's get right to it: how old are you? *
What is your gender? *
What do you do for a living? *
My monthly income (before taxes) ranges between *
Which applies best to you? *
How often do you travel within the Philippines? *
When you travel domestic, where do you go? *
Who do you usually travel with? *
Which of the following statements reflect your travel style? You can tick more than 1 box. *
How do you prefer to travel around the Philippines? *
How do you prefer to get around in a destination? *
Which one do you prefer to visit? *
The biggest appeal of a destination for you is *
When do you prefer to travel? *
How many days does your trip usually go for? *
Where do you usually stay? *
On the average, how much do you spend (per person) for each trip? All expenses including airfare, transfers, accommodation, meals, souvenirs, etc. *
Have you traveled to the province of Sorsogon in the Bicol Region? *
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