Friday Prayer in Masjid (June 12th )
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1. Confirming your intention to attend the congregation prayer in Masjid
2. Confirming for not being above 65 yrs or in the high risk category as per Health Dept advice
3. Confirming for not having any symptoms of COVID-19 as per Health Dept notices
4. Confirming to abide by the "Safe-Social-Distance" rules of Health Dept
5. Confirming to adhere to and abide by any other pre-requisites as set forth by ISGL. This includes
a) bringing your own prayer mat,
b) wearing face mask,
c) limited time to stay inside masjid for obligatory prayer ONLY, not for nawafil etc
6. Accepting that this entry permission is temporary. ISGL has the right to revoke this permission at any time, without conveying the reason to the member.
7. Accepting that ISGL will not be held responsible for any illness
8. Acknowledging that the pre-requisites listed on this form may change any time
9. Confirming your intentions to faithfully abide by the masjid policies and will not attempt to bypass, or violate any instructions
10. Accepting that you may undergo thermal screening at the entrance of the masjid.
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Friday Session - MEN (max 35 per session)
Friday Session - WOMEN (max 10 per session)
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