2018-2019 Winnetonka Journalism Publication Staff Application
First. If you are interested in being on the staff of Griffin Rites newsmagazine or Tonka News online (J2 Multimedia) or Odyssey yearbook (J2 Yearbook), please ENROLL in those classes during enrollment - even if you have not completed J1.

THEN....In order to be selected as a staff member, you must complete the application process. Please answer the following questions, as they apply to you and the job you are applying for, as completely as you can. Your answers will not prevent acceptance to a publications staff; they only let us know how much responsibility you can handle and the amount of time you can dedicate to the work.

Staff members and positions will be announced this semester in an announcement - sometime in March or April.

___ ENROLL in the correct class for the publication you wish to join. (see below)
___ Successfully completed at least one prior Journalism class: J1, J1 Photography, J2 MultiMedia, J2 Yearbook or Broadcast.
OR turn in to Mrs. Williams a small portfolio of writing, photography or videos with at least three examples.
OR turn in to Mrs. Williams examples of the type of work (web design, graphic design, business management) that you are applying to do on staff. If you have materials to go with your application, please email them to laura.williams@nkcschools.org.
___ Staff application - filled out this form by the due date: May 10.
___ Be available to answer any questions Mrs. Williams may have regarding your application.

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