Best Book Ever Annual Kids/YA Gift Guide Signup
Thank you for your interest in the 2nd Annual Kids/YA Gift Guide Episode of the Best Book Ever. This was far and away my most popular episode of 2020, and I am looking forward to making it an annual tradition.
This form is to be filled out by the parents/guardian of youths aged 5-20. (Underage applicants – we won’t do this without your parents’ permission, so please have them fill out the form for you.)
I will follow the same format as the 2020 episode – which you can listen to here: They tell me their first name, how old they are, and what their favorite book is. Then we talk for a couple of minutes about their favorite book, other books they like, and anything else they want to tell me about.
I am very, very protective of children’s privacy online – both my own children and your children. So I won’t use the children’s last names or pictures of them on any social media. You are welcome to share this episode with your friends and family depending on your comfort level, but I won’t ever identify your kids beyond a first name, nor will I connect them to you.
I’m looking for kids from all over who love books from all genres. Parents are most welcome and encouraged to sit in on the conversation if they would like.
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What book will you talk to me about? (Title and Author)
Will you have access to a good internet connection, a headset or microphone, and a quiet room for about 20 minutes on the day we talk?
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