FoOT Trail Condition Report
The purpose of this form is for people who use the Ouachita or Womble trails to report an observation or condition that needs attention. Adverse trail conditions can’t be corrected unless we are aware that they exist. We maintain a database on current trail status for those using the trail. This report can be viewed on the FoOT website. This is a real service to Ouachita Trail users and will help FoOT generate future support. In the time we have had this information on the website, we have had a remarkable number of people interested and asking questions. Please don’t hesitate to use this form.

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Ideally, insert here the mile marker to the nearest 10th of a mile at which you observed each of the problem checked above. Otherwise, please be a precise as possible in describing the locatio n of the problem. If no problem was observed, enter "None" below.
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