Stakeholder Survey on Flooding
Flooding has been in the news lately with people stranded, transit vehicles underwater, and flooded basements. This survey seeks your opinion on flooding and what can be done about it. Your feedback will help us shape a new program we are launching to address flooding in our community.
1. What best describes the impact flooding has had on you (check all that apply):
2. There may be several issues that need addressing in your community. How important is flooding relative to them?
Not important
Extremely important
3. Which of the following statements best describes your views on flooding.
4. Flooding happens when too much water enters our sewers and waterways. There are many solutions that reduce the harm of flooding. Which of the following interest you? (Check all that apply.)
5. Do governments need to act now to reduce the harm caused by flooding?
6. Municipal governments play a key role in flood reduction because they own the sewers, regulate land-use and building practices, and manage our park and green spaces. What would you want City Hall to do in your community to reduce flooding? (Check all that apply.)
7. A team of community foundations, environmental groups and other stakeholders from across the Greater Golden Horseshoe has launched a project to help communities and governments work together to reduce the harm caused by flooding. What best describes your reaction to this project?
8. Would you like more information about what can be done to reduce the harm of flooding in your community?
9. Your City/Town
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10. Your Name
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11. Your Email Address
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