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By submitting this form, I/we agree that the South Sound FarmLink program offered by the Thurston Conservation District is for the purposes of collecting data on farmland seekers and landowners in order to create dialogue between the two parties, solely for farmland purchasing, leasing, or other agriculture related agreements. These agreements are the sole responsibility of the farmland seeker and landowner and shall not bind the Thurston Conservation District, or its partners, or Thurston County to any “linking” contract between the two parties. I/we agree to hold Thurston Conservation District and Thurston County harmless from any and all claims and lawsuits relating to the South Sound FarmLink program. Additionally, I/we certify that the information provided and statements made are accurate and true to the best of my/our knowledge. This information is provided solely for the purpose of participating in the FarmLink program. I/we hereby give permission to the South Sound FarmLink program, operated by Thurston Conservation District and its stated partners, to release my/our name, contact information, and any other pertinent information detailed above to interested landowners or potential farm operating partners for the sole purpose of discussing opportunities for Farmland Linking. *
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