Classic Summer 2020 Post-Test
The purpose of this assessment is to see what you know after classes are complete. Please do your best!
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In a game of craps, how many different possible outcomes are there for two dice and what is the probability of rolling a 7? *
What is the value of pie and the golden ratio? *
Exponential functions are related to what kind of change? *
In using exponential functions as a way to make money, what type of interest are we utilizing? *
What is the value for the acceleration for gravity in mks units? *
What is the phenomena of the bending of light called? *
What is the name of the law that connects electricity and magnetism? *
Einstein showed that besides the 3 spatial dimensions, there is a fourth dimension. What is this 4th dimension? *
Which of the following correctly describes the High German Consonant Shift? *
What is the Place of Articulation for these sounds: /p, b, f, v, m, w/ *
What is a cognate (in linguistics)? *
Why are cognates not always perfect translations? *
What is an essential element to add for a properly written check? *
Choose the best statement in regards to principal and interest: *
What is the filing threshold for tax returns? *
The time value of money can best be explained using which one of the following concepts? *
What does the persuasive technique "loaded language" that writers use consist of? *
What are connotations? *
What is a claim when referring to an argumentative writing? *
What are you doing when you are comparing and contrasting two arguments on the same topic? *
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