OSP Engagement During the Pandemic - Survey
A survey to help Old St. Patrick's Church best serve the needs of our people.
1. How would you describe your affiliation with Old St. Pat’s? *
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2. Have you been engaging in the 10 a.m. Sunday Livestream Masses? *
3. What best describes the duration of your engagement with the Livestream Mass? *
4. What would make you MORE likely to engage in the 10 a.m. Livestream Mass? (Please choose up to 3) *
5. What best describes your level of participation during the Livestream Mass? *
6. Please rate your desire and level of comfort for attending in person masses with 50–150 people at Old St. Pat’s – knowing the requirements of wearing masks, physical distancing, and refraining from singing: *
Not comfortable or interested without COVID 19 vaccine/treatment.
Fully Comfortable with the proper precautions.
7. What time would you prefer to attend Mass in person? *
As we re-open amid ever changing circumstances, which mass time would you prefer during this pandemic?
8. If you prefer not to attend, what would you identify as your primary reason? *
Please choose the CLOSEST reason and if the primary reason is not listed, specify "Other"
9. Do you engage with the OSP digital Crossroads bulletin and/or Friday morning e-newsletter? *
10. In what other ways might you be interested in engaging in the life of Old St. Pat’s over the coming months while we refrain from in-person gatherings on our campus?
11. How can Old St. Pat’s better serve your needs during this pandemic? *
12. Please indicate your age: *
13. Please indicate how far you typically travel to come to Old St. Pat's: *
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