How can VISIT Milwaukee help you during this difficult time?
We are in unprecedented times and we know that you, our partners in hospitality, will be some of the most impacted by COVID-19. We're here to help.

We will use the information gathered in this form to help promote your businesses through our website, social media channels, and media outreach efforts. If there are other ways that we can help you, we want to hear those ideas too.
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Is your business offering takeout or delivery for food and/or beverages?
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If your business is offering takeout or delivery, how can visitors or locals access those services? Please be as specific as possible. E.g. Place your order on our website, call us to place an order, etc.
If your business provides resources or services that might be helpful to the public or other businesses during this time, what are those services? E.g. webcast provider, informational services, etc.
For any type of business, do you have any specials or promotions you would like us to help you promote at this time? If yes, please list them.
If you are a performing arts group, museum, attraction or event, do you have a virtual tour or any virtual events or experiences coming up? If so, please link to them here.
Is your business leading or planning to lead any philanthropic efforts to help the community in this crisis? If yes, please explain.
Is there anything else that you are doing or that you'd like customers to know that we can help you communicate?
VISIT Milwaukee is developing a recovery program for after the outbreak passes. What would you find most helpful?
If we need any more information about your answers, what is the best way to contact you?
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