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Thank you for your interest in getting free MeShare live streaming cameras. We can provide free cameras for most animal shelters and rescues, if you want to stream for other purposes please email

Step 1: Fill in your organization's information below so we can help you determine the quantity and type of cameras you need.

Step 2: Call us to confirm your request over the phone. Once you submit the form, you will see a number of MeShare's live streaming program staff to call to. Don't worry, it's not an interview, just to make sure that your request is real.

Step 3: We'll email you a simple partnership agreement to be signed.

Step 4: Receive the camera(s), enjoy streaming online :)

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MeShare Animal Cam Overview
What's your organization's name? *
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Org's website/Facebook page if available
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Full name of contact person *
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Is there WiFi in the place you intend to put the camera in? *
Can you stream at least 10 hours a week? *
NOTE: We recommend that you stream all the time 24/7. But if you wish to stream less than 24/7, you can buy a socket timer (usually $10-$15) to automatically control the camera's operating hours.
Please describe how you intend to use the camera? What will be shown mainly? *
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If you need more than one camera, please state how many cameras you need, what they will be used for, and whether they will be in the same property or in multiple places such as foster homes
If you have a large facility or multiple locations, we’d love to accommodate as much as we can. For any request of more than 4 cameras, we’ll first send 4 cameras to you; and if all of the streams work smoothly, it's possible to add more cameras. You can leave this blank if you only need 1 camera.
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Would any of the camera be rained on? If so please specify how many
Our default cameras can be taken outdoors as long as they're under a roof and don't get rained on. But we could provide weatherproof camera on a case by case basis. Please note that the cameras need to be connected to power and WiFi and are for stationary use mainly.
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Full shipping Address for the Cameras *
Please provide non-PO box address. Make sure you write down the FULL ADDRESS including township and zip code
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Mailing address, if different from shipping address
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What is your network's upload speed? (OPTIONAL)
THIS QUESTION IS OPTIONAL, IF YOU AREN'T AT THE LOCATION YOU CAN LEAVE IT BLANK FOR NOW. To do a speed test you can simply bring your smartphone or laptop to the locations where the cameras will be put at. Then go to and follow the procedures. Please report the upload speed only. (As shown in sample picture below) If you wish to put the cameras in different locations it is desirable to report the speed for each location.
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MeShare camera needs at least 0.5 Mbps upload speed to work
Let us know if you have any questions or comments!
If you were referred from other people or organizations, this is where you put down their names :)
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For the next step, we would need to confirm your request over the phone, please check the box *
Thanks! Please SUBMIT the form and follow instructions on the next page.
Feel free to address your questions to Wayne by emailing
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