Interested in applying for a scholarship for the Zone In Social Permaculture Course?
Thank you for your interest in Zone In! We are committed to making this course available and useful to a broad cross-section of our community. Your answers to the questions below will help us get to know you better and evaluate your suitability for the limited number of scholarship positions. Please note that, although we are doing our best to make the course affordable to all that apply, we may not be able to provide scholarships to everyone that applies.
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What do you hope to accomplish with the information gained from this course?
Describe a project you are currently involved in, or one you would like to start, where you think knowledge of social permaculture would be beneficial.
What are the circumstances that have led you to apply for a scholarship?
The base price for the course is $600, or $100 per weekend. How much can you reasonably afford to pay for the course by end of the course on June 7th?
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