Theory and Practice of Epidemiology and Biostatistics 2018
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Important notes on registration
1. A separate registration form needs to be filled for each participant with the course fees before 15 July Rs.8500/-(For Students) & 12500/- for Faculty. [After 10 July: Rs 12,500/- (for students) & Rs 17,500/- (for faculty)
2. Participants wishing to attend the 1-day demography course need to pay additional Rs 1000/- towards registration fee
3. Participants who wish to bring own lunch during the course can pay Rs 2500/- less towards the fee
4. For further clarification kindly contact Jeeva, Telephone: 080-49467000 Ext-7030
Contact for further enquiry
Dr Prem K. Mony, M.D.
Course Director
Head, Division of Epidemiology & Population Health
St. John’s Research Institute
Bangalore – 560034

Dr Tinku Thomas, PhD
Course Coordinator
Head, Biostatistics Unit
St. John’s Research Institute
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