GSDSEF Workshop #4: Slides and Abstracts
Hi STEM students! Please fill in this google form to indicate that you're coming to our 4th workshop on screening slides, abstracts, and putting everything together!

The workshop is on Saturday, January 16th, at 9-10 am, and feel free to forward the link to your friends who may be interested in a STEM Fair (please ask them to fill out this form too), or check out our YouTube channel ( for a bunch of quick, informative videos on how to apply for the fair.

***please make sure the email address you put here isn't protected by a firewall and that you can receive emails from organizations outside your school. If you're not sure, it's better to put a non-school email***
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We'll try to have SLB members in these categories to come and help answer your questions.
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**PLEASE NOTE** We will be recording our presentation. In order to not be recorded or have your face seen during the presentation segment, please stay muted until we stop the recording. We will not record the breakout rooms and questions portion.
If you have questions, please save them until after the presentation is finished or put them in the chat.
Students, please ask your Parent/Guardian to read the following: I understand that my son's/daughter's image may appear during the SLB Workshop presentation and I give my approval for his/her participation. (parent/guardian, please type your name below to confirm you understand this) *
Although staying muted should theoretically ensure that no students will be shown in the recording, we want to be safe and make sure you understand that the Presentation part of the workshop WILL be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. The one-on-one time after the presentation will not be live streamed and will not be recorded.
Thanks for your time! Do you have any further questions for us? :D
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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