CRSD FEA Scholarship Application
This application form is for high school seniors who have been actively involved in Copper River School District’s Future Educators of Alaska program and intend to pursue a teaching certificate and/or a career in education. Applications must be submitted to the district FEA Coordinator (via online application) by May 12, 2014.

Up to two scholarships may be awarded annually to CRSD students (one from the Glennallen FEA Chapter and one from the Kenny Lake FEA Chapter), dependent on applicant qualifications. The scholarship committee may decide not to award a scholarship if no candidates meet the qualifications or fail to submit an application worthy of a scholarship award.

Please complete the following application thoroughly prior to submitting. It is advised that you type narrative responses in a word processing program and then paste the response into this form to avoid losing information.

Applicants will be required to verify that they have completed this application WITHOUT ASSISTANCE at the conclusion of the form.
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Your name: *
Your School: *
Where will you attend college next year? *
Include school name and city/state
What is/are your intended major(s)? *
Be specific and include all intended majors, including those in addition to education, if applicable (e.g., English, Math, etc.)
Once you earn your teaching certificate, which grade level(s) would you like to teach? *
Professional Goal: Briefly describe the role in education you hope to someday have (e.g., 3rd grade teacher in a rural Alaskan school; guidance counselor; high school math teacher; etc.) *
(100 words or less)
How many years have you been a member of FEA? *
FEA Activities: Provide a brief summary of your FEA involvement. Include activities from the school, district, and state levels. *
(Narrative explanation or bulleted list is acceptable for this response.)
Service and Volunteer Contributions: Summarize your service/volunteer contributions to your school and community. Include service/volunteer activities both in and out of school. *
(Narrative explanation or bulleted list is acceptable for this response.)
Leadership Activities: List activities both in and out of FEA in which you have served as a leader. *
Leadership activities should include those both in and out of school (e.g., FEA, student council, community organizations, etc.)
Why Education? By applying for this scholarship, you indicate that you intend to pursue a career in the field of education. Provide a brief explanation of why you have decided to pursue this field of study.
(200-250 word narrative response)
Finding Solutions: As a future educator, what do you believe is one of the greatest problems or challenges in education today, and what possible solutions do you believe exist to address or solve that problem?
(200-250 words)
VERIFICATION: By typing your name below, you verify that you have completed this application without assistance. *
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