CACPCS Family Community Compact
Recognizing the shared responsibility of all members of our school community to keep ourselves and one another safe, our family commits to contributing to CACPCS’s efforts to promote the health and safety of all community members. My family will do our part to live our school values of Compassion, Courage and Service through stopping the spread of COVID-19 by making our health and safety and that of others a priority.
We will abide by CACPCS’s protocols and procedures as they are aligned with NYS and NYC’s public health guidance and protocols.

We recognize that, public health officials are continuously learning more about COVID-19 and as a result, circumstances, guidance and protocols may change, and we agree to keep ourselves informed and to follow any new guidance and protocols to keep ourselves and others safe.

If my family is unable or unwilling to abide by any of the commitments outlined below, I understand that in-person instruction is not an option for my family at this time and I should choose the school's remote learning option.
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Our family agrees to abide by CACPCS's Test and Trace commitments. *
Our family agrees to abide by CACPCS's commitments to Self-Isolation and Self-Quarantine. *
Our family agrees to all of CACPCS's Health and Hygiene commitments. *
Our family agrees to all of CACPCS's Social Distancing, Face Coverings and other Behavioral Requirements. *
By completing this compact, my family acknowledges that we understand that we must adopt behaviors that advance our collective ability to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We commit to doing our part and meeting our obligations to our school community. If at any point we are unable to meet the commitments we must make to our fellow community members in this compact, we will reach out to the Principal and/or Head of School (see contact info above). If we do not take these steps as a family, we understand that we could be putting our own health and the health of many others in jeopardy and may not be allowed in the school building during in-person instructional days. *
I understand that if my family is unable to manage these commitments at any point, I should reach out to any or all of the following school leaders, Principal Vier; Principal Fleshman; and/or Ms. Brown, Head of School Type your name below acknowledging this statement above.
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