Summer Adult Education at First Congregational
The Board of Christian Education wants to provide some weekly online opportunities for people to continue learning/connecting/sharing during the summer months. These don't necessarily have to be content-centered classes, but we're envisioning a time for people to gather, check in, talk about God in their lives, and enjoy activities together. Please let us know about your interest below so we can set up the best schedule possible. Gatherings will be held via Zoom.
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What times would work best for you for a weekly gathering? You wouldn't necessarily have to come every week, we're just looking for a time that works well for a core group of people. Select all times that work for you. *
In addition to checking in and doing something faith-centered like sharing a prayer or a bit of Bible study, what other activities might it be fun to do via Zoom? The sky's the limit with your ideas...we could bake together, play bingo, make art, share funny memes, share our favorite music videos....???
Would you have any interest in leading a group?
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