Undeveloped Film - Collections Survey
The purpose of this survey is to determine the approximate amount of outdated/vintage film held in repositories across North America. "Outdated" or "vintage" film refers to any photographic or moving image film that has been exposed but not developed, and dates prior to 2000.

This survey is for anyone who works with collections (archivists, conservators, managers, registrars…) but it is especially geared toward those who work exclusively with photographic and visual materials. The results will build upon data collected over years of practice-based research conducted by a group of photographers that specialize in processing outdated film.

Depending on the results of this and other inquiries, I want to achieve some combination of the following:

1) Make outdated film easier to process for smaller institutions, archives, and organizations.
2) Determine how and if outdated film can be processed to meet ANSI archival standard IT9.1 (or something comparable)
3) Encourage outdated film processing as a specialization within the fields of archives and/or conservation.

A fourth but less immediate goal is to compose, preserve, and share accurate technical literature about processing outdated film for years to come!

Please direct questions, comments, and feedback to Claire at clairemoclock@gmail.com

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Does your archive or collection contain any undeveloped film?
Is the film exposed?
Is the film still or moving image?
Approximately how many units of each? (1 unit = one roll, reel, sheet, etc...)
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Is the film officially accessioned?
Have you considered having it processed, why or why not? (e.g. condition - too fragile or deteriorated, expense of processing, just don't care/low priority)
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To what degree is the content and creator known? (e.g. Are there inscriptions on the canister? Do you know who exposed it? Is it an absolute mystery?)
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