Shine Squad: Abuse stops here.
For too long we and other community members have been forced to hide the discrimination, harassment and abuse we face in social justice movements for fear of losing jobs, friends, and credibility. When we have shared our stories, it has been in whispers and behind closed doors. As individuals and as a movement, we will no longer keep quiet. It is time we talk openly about what we face, in hopes that we can stop what so many of us regularly face.

The creators of Shine Squad are a group of women working in overlapping social justice movements who have similar painful experiences and/or been witness to discriminatory and predatory behavior by their peers and bosses. In response, we want to offer a space for story sharing, expressing needs, and action taking.

For those that give their permission, we will publish the stories (all personal info redacted) and data we have collected through this form to spark conversations and actions that lead towards cultural and systemic change in our movements. We will also look to creating spaces for people to come together to form networks of support and/or to develop an organizing plan to take on this poison. We hope that with this first step, women and transfeminine people know that there is a community that has their back and that we are moving towards action.

Deanna Zandt, Tracy Van Slyke, Sabrina Hersi Issa and Jeanne Brooks on behalf of the Shine Squad contingent
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This can be any name you'd like to assign yourself, or none at all. This is optional. Your name will NOT be released publicly.
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This is not a requirement at all; only share this if you'd like us to follow-up with you individually. We will create safe spaces to build community and offer support, organizing opportunities, and legal advice.
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What harms have you experienced?
We are gathering examples and numbers to illuminate how widespread and deep discrimination, harassment and abuse in social justice movements goes. It's unscientific, but raw numbers will be used to move us towards action. Please check any of the below that has happened to you during your work and/or personal/professional experiences (conferences, retreats, happy hours) within the social justice movement because of your gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.
Who has harmed you?
Please check the bad actors that you have experienced during your time in social justice/change movements. This information will not be released with your story, but will be added to the total numbers we are tracking on how widespread and deep discrimination and abuse in our movements goes.
Share your story
This is a brave and hard step. We support you. Share one or as many stories that you care to of discrimination, harassment and abuse in the social justice movements. All personal information (name, organization, or any other identifying features of yourself or others) will be redacted if you decide it's ok for your story to be shared publicly. Moderators of this form will personally take out all information before it is posted on the Shine Squad tumblr site. And we won't share any stories publicly without your explicit permission.
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Can we share your story?
All names, email and personal information will be redacted from your story. We will share via the Shine Squad's public tumblr. Your story might help another person take action.
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