IAESTE Austria Ongoing Exchange System 2021
Welcome to the IAESTE Summer System!


1) Log in to your Exchange Platform profile (https://iaeste.smartsimple.ie).

2) Search for internships in the 'Available Offers' section.


The internship has to match closely your field of studies.
Any kind of mentioned necessary 'previous training' or 'other requirements' have to be fulfilled by you.
The deadline for nomination has to be at least 7 days ahead of the date of your application.

3) Once you found an internship that suits you, please fill this form.

4) You will get notified via mail within few days about the outcome of your application.

Please note - you can only apply for one internship at a time. Once you submitted an application you have to wait until your application has been processed by the Exchange Team and only in case your application was not successful you can apply again for another internship.

If you have any questions - please message us -> internship@iaeste.at

Only apply for internships matching your completed years of study (CYOS)!!

See the list below to determine your completed years of study (credits from BSc and MSc studies are added together):

0 CYOS: < 30 ECTS
1 CYOS: > 30 - 90 ECTS
2 CYOS: > 90 - 150 ECTS
3 CYOS: > 150 - 210 ECTS
4 CYOS: > 210 - 270 ECTS
5 CYOS: > 270 ECTS
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