Participate in Caucus/Movement Day!
We recognize that Girls Rock Philly is a beautiful and complex ecosystem of identities and experiences. We are striving to build caucuses at GRP as gathering spaces where folks of historically marginalized and under-represented identities can have the opportunity to share lived experiences, be in community, attend city-wide events in solidarity, make requests of GRP, offer support to staff in navigating hard questions, and hold the organization accountable to better support and reflect the collective experiences of our participants at camp and beyond.

Inspired by the movement-building model of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference, Girls Rock Philly hopes to dedicate one day or evening this June for caucus meet-ups.

We recognize that our relationships with identity are nuanced, complex, visible and invisible. We recognize that it not uncommon to experience feelings of inauthenticity or "not-enoughness." At Girls Rock Philly, we believe that no one can be a "gatekeeper" to anyone else's identity. If a caucus resonates with your lived experiences or is an identity that you are actively hoping to explore more of in your life, YOU BELONG.

At this moment, we are scheduling the following meet-ups:

--People of Color Caucus
--Trans/ Gender Non-Conforming Caucus
--Accessibility Caucus
--Poor/Working Class Caucus
--Fat Caucus
--Allies and Accomplices: Leveraging our privileges in the work against structural oppression
--Please indicate below if you would like to schedule a caucus meet-up that you do not see here!


You can read descriptions of each caucus here:

**We aspire to organize each meet-up around your schedule in order to maximize your ability to participate! We aim to finalize and announce the all-caucus gathering date, time and location by Friday, May 31st!

[An enormous shout out to our 2019 Design Partner, Helen Sánchez Stoddard, for the incredible banner artwork <3]

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Which caucuses/workshops would you like to participate in?
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Are you interested in facilitating any of the caucuses/workshops? If so, which one(s)? Would you prefer to facilitate alone or with a buddy for this first meeting?
While GRP staff members hope to participate in caucuses, we strive to de-centralize and redistribute power within our community. Staff hopes to NOT facilitate caucuses and would love to see for our community members to step into rotating-leadership model in this way!
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Please fill out this Scheduling Survey (When2Meet) to help us determine the best 3-4 hour block of time to hold this gathering!
We aspire to organize the date/time of this all-caucus gathering around your schedule in order to maximize your ability to participate! We aim to finalize and announce the date/time by Friday, May 31st.
Which locations/neighborhoods in Philly would be most convenient for you to meet in?
ie. West Philly, North Philly, South Philly, etc.
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Would you be able to offer a meeting-space for this or future caucus gatherings? If so, is your space ADA accessible?
We strive for caucuses to de-centralize power at Girls Rock Philly so that power is distributed throughout the community, and not held only by staff. GRP Headquarters in North Philly are available for meetings, but we want to make sure the meetings are as geographically and physically accessible as possible!
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We offer workshops to our campers that promote our mission to empower our participants through music education, and activities that foster a joyful culture of creativity, critical thinking, and collective care. Are there any specific workshops or general themes or that you would love to see at camp?
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Anything else you'd like to share with us?
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