2017 Vendor Participation Form
Thank you for your interest in participating in Sonoma County's most cultured event! Please submit your application to be a vendor for Saturday, September 2nd at the Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma. Applications will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation email from us in the following weeks. Please review our Vendor Guidelines available on our website for complete information.

This year our vendors will be outside. Set up will be very similar to a farmers market. Please plan to bring your own table and tent, we will have 2 chairs available for each vendor.
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If you need more vendor passes, please let us know how many more you are interested in purchasing for $10/each (limit: 4 discounted passes in addition to the 3 provided with booth fee)
Will your company be able to donate an item or service to our raffle table? *
100% of raffle ticket sales go into our Grange Hall donation. We can provide you with the nonprofit ID for tax purposes for the value your donation.
If your company has previously participated in our event, you are eligible for a check-in packet to be mailed to your business. You will be sent a packet with your wristbands, vendor badges, and arrival information. Would you like to receive a check-in packet this year? *
Are you interested in hearing about in-kind sponsorship partnerships to receive logo representation on all of our printed and digital media?
Event Policies:
- ALL vendors MUST provide a certificate of insurance for current liability insurance naming “Maven’s Mark, LLC” exactly as an “additional insured."
- Vendors may set up from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Cars must be removed from loading zones promptly by 9:30 a.m. Set up must be complete by 10:00 a.m.
- Food intended for samples shall be handled so as to be pure, free from contamination, adulteration, and spoilage.
- Sampling shall be done in such a way as to prevent customers from touching, coughing or sneezing on food meant for others.
- Keep samples in approved clean, covered containers.
- Potentially hazardous foods shall be kept at or below 45°F, or at or above 135°F.
- Hand washing facilities, with single-service soap and paper towels, are available in the kitchen of Herzog Hall, the bathrooms near the event ticket booth and bathrooms near the Libation Lounge. Please keep gloves on hands if necessary for sanitation purposes.
- Approved cutting surfaces shall be smooth, non-absorbent, and easily cleanable.
- Clean, potable water shall be used for washing food and food contact surfaces.
- Toothpicks or biodegradable disposable utensils shall be used to distribute samples - PLEASE TRY TO USE WOOD AND PAPER MATERIALS WHEN POSSIBLE.
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