RLSF 2019 Volunteer Application
Hi! Thanks for your interest in volunteering for Real Love Summer Fest!

The festival runs from Friday July 26 to Sunday July 28 in Teulon, Manitoba. We are looking to recruit a team of enthusiastic volunteers, determined to make the festival as fun, efficient, and safe as possible!

* Volunteers are expected to complete two three-hour shifts. The cleanup crew will complete one extended shift at the
end of the festival
* Volunteers get the full weekend camping pass ($80 value)
* Volunteers get a comfy and stylish Real Love Summer Fest t-shirt!
* Enjoy the volunteer/artist appreciation party and free access to the RLSF2019 after-party show!

Applications close on April 4th 2019

Parking/Gear Shuttle Crew
Gate Crew
Merch Crew
Environment Crew
Sound Crew
Safer Spaces Crew
Cleanup Crew

*Limited volunteer spots available

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If you selected Safer Spaces crew, please briefly outline any relevant experience/training you have working with Safer Spaces.
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