Application for Passerine Certification
Before applying for evaluation you should be aware of the Expectations for Certification of the North American Banding Council, be familiar with the material in the NABC manuals and the first 40 pages of Pyle (1997), and have relevant practical experience.

Once accepted for an evaluation session you should try to complete the written exam in advance of the evaluation session. Any certified trainer, including one who trained you, may administer the closed-book written exam. A list of NABC trainers who may be willing to serve as proctors can be found on the NABC website. If you cannot arrange to take the written exam prior to arriving at the evaluation session then you will need to make arrangements in advance with the session organizer to take the exam during the evaluation session.

You may apply for evaluation at the Assistant, Bander, or Trainer level. Each full level attempted incurs a separate $35 testing fee; the Assistant level is broken into two tracks, with the mist-netting track incurring a $10 fee and the banding track incurring a $25 fee.

Candidates applying at the Assistant level can choose to be evaluated on either track or on both. Candidates do not need to independently complete the Assistant level to proceed to Bander or Trainer level. A candidate who applies for Bander level but who meets evaluation criteria less than at that level and above Assistant level will be certified at the Assistant level.

The Bander level must be completed before attempting the Trainer level. Both Bander and Trainer levels may be attempted at the same session. Fees apply to each level, and the Trainer-level fee will not be refunded if the candidate fails to achieve the Bander level.

During the evaluation session two or more certified NABC trainers, who have not participated significantly in your training, will evaluate you and provide you with a report card summarizing the results of the evaluation. Their decision will be final. If you pass you will receive a certificate. Certification does not replace the federal banding permit nor any additional permits necessary in your state or province, nor does it guarantee you will be granted such permits. Certification does indicate to the Banding Offices, and others, that you have attained a significant standard of knowledge and skill.

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If you have arranged to take the written exam before the session, submit the name and email address for the NABC-certified trainer who has agreed to proctor the exam.
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If you have already passed the bander level, please provide details of that certification session including location, date, and your written exam score (if known):
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Please provide names of licensed and/or certified banders with whom you have worked. These names will be compared to the trainers participating in the evaluation to ensure that you are not tested by a person who has trained you. *
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At the close of this form, you will be asked to email a copy of your banding CV detailing past experiences banding passerines and extracting birds from mistnets, including approximate numbers of birds and species handled, number of seasons, places worked, etc. If you prefer, you can include that information here in text form.
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Please respond: I have read the relevant Expectations for my evaluation level, and I believe I am sufficiently prepared to be evaluated on my banding knowledge and skills. *
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