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【 關於星球|ABOUT 】



Spirits on Planett
Co-creating, co-working and co-living, keep making and keep sharing, these are the spirits that drive everything here we do in Tainan. It starts with the people who come here - the creatives. we provide a space where we come together, make things, and make things happen. Wherever you want to go, along with cozy surroundings, beautiful landscapes and richly colourful cultural ambience in Tainan, the journey may start here and never stop, keep sharing and keep creating.

Find your perfect base on Planett
Planett provides a creative working environment with hotdesking in the open area and large dedicated desks where you can leave your desktop and personal stuff. By joining Planett as a coworking alien – you will not only be able to use the space to work, but also collaborate with other aliens from all over the world.Join such a diverse creative community!

【 方案說明|PROGRAM 】

1. 月進駐費:3500元 / 月
The monthly fee is NTD3,500.

2. 設備提供:60x120 cm 桌位、個人收納空間、免費茶水點心、會議室、掃描機,以及高速WIFI
Facilities and equipments provided: a 60cm x 120cm dedicated desk, a locker, free beverages, scanner and printer,
assess to the meeting room and fast wifi.

3. 另提供星球餐飲及活動優惠,以及黑白、彩色A3/A4輸出服務
Discount for regular events, workshops, and meals; Black and Colour, A3 and A4 printing service provided.

The program starts from the first day of each month.

We will arrange an interview to approve your application.

Application deadline: 20th of each moth; Confirmation of application: 25th of each month.

10% Discount for three-month program; 20% Discount for six-month program with promotional service.

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