Scala By the Bay 2015 Panel with Martin Odersky
Martin joins Bill Venners, Dick Wall, Julie Pitt and Erik Osheim on the Scala Panel of the Century at  SF Scala organizer Alexy Khrabrov will moderate.  Ask your question here!  Feel free to tweet it at @scalabythebay with the hashtag #panel.  Use the code ASKBYTHEBAY20 for 20% off any SBTB+BDS+CPT ticket, just for the asking!

We'll ask the panelists to rank all questions for answering, and provide 3 prizes:

1 grand prize, full package, for the best question
2 runners-up -- a ticket to either SBTB or BDS *and* Complete Pipeline Training
3 good questions -- a ticket to either SBTB, BDS, or CPT

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Last year's winner was "Are you a strong type?"  The slogan will be printed on the conference t-shirt.
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