ASIS Final 2016 Survey
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1. What is your overall opinion about ASIS Finals 2015?
2. Date and time for ASIS 2015 Final round was ok?
3. How was the tasks level compared to your skills?
4. What's your Idea about website and scorebord? (
5. How was the IRC?
And Consider writing about our IRC and how could we improve it in Text Box!
6. How do you assess our reaction to the disruption problem?
7. What's your opinion about the number of tasks?
8. Which category(s) of challenges was most interesting?
9. Which category(s) of challenges was most boring?
10. Did you have any problems downloading the tasks?
11. How was the Web challenges?
12. How was the PWN challenges?
13. How was the RE challenges?
14. How was the Misc challenges?
15. How was the Crypto challenges?
16. How was the Forensic challenges?
17. What's your Idea about Prizes?(Considering an online jeopardy Final!)
18. Would you like to participate in ASIS Quals 2016?
19. If ASIS Finals 2016 were on site in Tehran, Iran, would you come? *
***This is very important for our next year CTF, please answer honestly :D
20. Which Conditions must be met for you to join ASIS on-site CTF?
please write anything that you like about coming to Iran or anything that might create difficulties!
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