AIE Activity Idea Survey
Hello AIE! We are starting to brainstorm some new, unique activities and events for our community. We wanted your thoughts on ideas we've had recently on ways we all might have more fun together. There's no guarantee that we'll be able to get these going but your input would be a great help in building momentum. If you have a couple minutes, check this out. Thanks!
Discord Name (very optional, only useful if you had a question or suggestion we'd want to follow up on)
Review the below idea list and rate on a scale from 1 to 5, which of these possible activities sounds exciting or interesting to you. (1=not interested, 5=very interested)
1 (Not interested)
5 (Awesome, let's do it!)
Casual Games Events (Jackbox, Among Us, Rocket League)
Tabletop Games Events (shared virtually)
Live Dungeons and Dragons
Movie Nights (Amazon Prime + play synch)
E-Sports Tournaments (Overwatch, Hearthstone, etc.)
Trivia Events
Panel Events (game devs, podcasters, streamers, how to DM, running a division, irl crafting, etc.)
Vendor Fair (IRL crafters sharing on camera, Etsy stores, etc.)
Guest Appearance Events (e.g. other community leaders, friends of AIE coming to talk, etc.)
Cosplay Events (live on camera)
Clear selection
What comments do you have on the above and/or what other brainstormed ideas should we add to the idea list to think about?
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