Erasmus partners IES El Rincón
Searching partners for a KA101 project
Have you already participate in Erasmus Projects?
Do you have in your school an Erasmus team/ Erasmus coordinator?
If you have participate in Erasmus projects, please write a BRIEF resume.
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We are actually preparing a KA101 project, have you already host teachers in your institution?
Are you available to host in your school 2 teachers during one week in the academic year 2019/20?
Which departments are interested to be visited in the job shadow visit?
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In which other Erasmus + Key Actions or projects would you be interested in getting involved? KA2? Etwinning?
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What do you consider interesting in your school to be shown in a job shadowing visit?
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Do you use tablets/ipads in learning process with students?
Please give us the contact details and website of the institution, and responsible of European projects (Country, City, Name of the school, website, etc).
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