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Do you believe that you would BENEFIT FROM A BETTER WAY TO DISCOVER PEOPLE who are valuable, important and beneficial to you?

OpportunityCard has been created to improve the effectiveness of the classical business card, such that the people exchanging the card can answer the question "How valuable is this connection to me?"

For that, we need your help.

Those who decide to give feedback will benefit from having a pre-paid the OpportunityCard service for the year 2019 (a 20$ value). This benefit can be claimed via the link provided at the bottom of this survey.

Thank you for your feedback.
We want to help you become more accomplished, and we encourage you to create and hand out your new opportunity card to everyone.

Our Mission: FACILITATE THE DISCOVERY OF EFFECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS through personalized matching mechanisms
ASK:. Feedback on Visiting the OpportunityCard website
To answer the questions below you will have to use the service in its entirety:

1. Go to https://opportunitycard.me (the landing page)
2. Create an account
3. Fill out the information that you consider relevant for using this service effectively

4. Email the PDF of your business card to the address cards@opportunitycard.me
5. Hand out your OpportunityCard to the people you're meeting and/or interacting with (if you decided to print it for yourself)
6. Revisit your profile page to see which people visited your link, and how are you aligned with them.

Rate the first impression of the landing page above (https://opportunitycard.me) *
Rate the visual attractiveness *
Very unatrractive
Very attractive
Rate the information on the landing page *
Clear and engaging
Any suggestions you have for the landing page *
Your answer
TASK: Create your new OpportunityCard
You are testing a fully functioning service - once you created your account and matching profile, you can share the contact link with others:
- via electronic means (share the link via email, web, social, etc) or
- printing the paper version of your new business card, which we helped you generate in our profile page.
Everyone who has your contact link that you shared can MEASURE THE VALUE OF THEIR CONNECTION TO YOU.
Your contact link remains functional regardless of whether your account is paid or not, so the people you give your card to can still fully utilize the service and assess you as a potential partner.
How easy / straightforward was to create the new account *
Very hard, gave up
Very easy
ASK: Feedback on creating and personalizing your profile
Once you create an account, you are redirected to your PROFILE PAGE. Here you set up everything that is needed to help you discover and connect to people who are most valuable to you. The setup consists of a "matching section" andf a "paper business card section". Additionally you will have a section dedicated to listing incoming connection requests, and a section that shows the status of your account.
What was the first impression when seeing the PROFILE PAGE? *
It's too much
Excited to proceed
Visual Impact
Content impact
Engagement Impact
Amount of input required from me
Amount of feedback and guidance to fulfill the tasks
Overall I understood why and what I was doing in the profile
Final impression:
Which section you liked/appreciated *
Which section you disliked/could not understand *
What functionality would you like to see added to the OpportunityCard service? *
Your answer
How many times are you going to use the service? *
Are you going to recommend the service to others ? *
Which strategies did you use up to this point to promote yourself ? *
What do you think it's a fair price (how much per year) for this service ? *
ASK: Distribute your OpportunityCard link or paper card to your friends, and ask them to see how they are connected to you
The purpose of creating the OpportunityCard profile is to USE YOUR PERSONALIZED MATCHING LINK with the people you know or the ones just met.
Your value of using the OpportunityCard service comes from other people following your link, and filling out the form with skills, experiences, etc., that they expect from you, and getting a high match score. Both the link visitor and you will get the match score, and YOU decide whether to pursue their connection request.
Therefore, you should distribute your link to others, and ask them to visit your page. You yourself should visit your link, and try to enter match terms.
Rate your first impression on the visitor landing page (your profile match page) *
Disliked it
Loved it
What caused the impression you recorded above ?
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Rate your experience of filling out (as a visitor) the matching parameters. *
Confusing, gave up
Clear, effective
What caused the impression you recorded above?
Your answer
Overall, how did you like the user interaction you had on the visitor page? *
Poor interaction
Easy to understand, make progress
What caused the impression you recorder above ?
Your answer
The final ASK:
What are your closing comments for us? *
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(Optional) Do you want to be contacted for further discussions ? (leave your email address, we won't give it away or subscribe you to email lists) *
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You are great. We hope that this service helps you reach your goals by finding you people that you should associate yourself with. If you become more successful, this service fulfilled its purpose.

Your promotional paid 2019 service can be claimed any time (even after you already created your account and card above) through the link: https://opportunitycard.me/offers?promoCode=CARDEVAL2018

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