2018 RMBI Participant Application
BEFORE YOU BEGIN – please read the following information. This should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.
If you have any questions about the application, please email rmbi@denverbrass.org or call 303-832-4676, Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm Mountain Time.

Please read the application carefully and complete all questions. Incomplete applications may take longer to process.

This application is for both individual participants and preformed groups.

If you are applying as a preformed group:
• Please have one point of contact from your group complete this application.
• On page 3 of the application you will input more detailed information about your group.
• Note: If your group is interested in the more intensive Professional Fellowship Program, you should not fill out this application and instead complete the Professional Fellowship Program Application.

Before submitting the application, you will be directed to pay your application fee online. Please click the payment link in the application to be directed back to the Mendez Brass Institute website, where you will be able to complete your payment.

Before submitting the application, you will be directed to upload your audition recordings.
AUDITION RECORDINGS ARE MANDATORY. All participants must submit an audition recording. This is to aid in better placement for chamber groups, as well as help determine your scholarship award.
In order to upload your audition recordings, please be sure that you follow the submission guidelines below.

For MP3 files:
• Please make sure that your First and Last name are in the file name. Examples: JohnDoeAudition1.mp3 or DoeJaneRMBIAudtion1.mp3
• Please include a number or piece title if you are submitting multiple recordings. Examples: DoeJaneWagner.mp3, DoeJaneStrauss.mp3, JohnDoeRMBI1.mp3, JohnDoeRMBI2.mp3

For YouTube Links:
• Please prepare a Word Document that includes your First & Last name in the file name. Example: JaneDoeRMBIAudition.doc
• In the body of the Word Document, please list your First & Last name, instrument, excerpt name and link to YouTube.
• Make sure your YouTube link is not listed as Private, as we won’t be able to see the video. If you don’t want the video to be Public, please upload it as Unlisted so we can still have access to your audition video.

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