Solo-Queue Champions(Lichenweed)
This is the sign up form to to participate in Friday's event. It will be at 9pm EST. Format will vary depending on how many sign up(could be tournament, round robin, etc)

How it will work:
1. Players sign up here.
2. We will randomly place players into teams to fight.
3. You won't know who is on your team until the match starts.
4. We can only have as many teams as there are roles to fill it.
ex. 10 tanks, 6 healers, 7 melee, 20 ranged. Only 6 teams will be able to be formed. It will be randomly chosen who will
be in before the event starts.
5. If players win, they will progress to the next round to be randomly chosen in a team again.
6. All matches will be on Aether DC, but any player who has a character on Aether can play.

More details to come....

1. No throwing during the match or leaving the party when it starts to form.
2. No overly toxic behavior towards randomly chosen teammates.
3. You must be available and on time for matches.

Role(If you sign up for more than one, you may be forced into whatever is needed) *
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