Matt Kendrick Prompt Group - April 2020

Looking for inspiration?

Get a daily email with a prompt word or picture, ideas on how to interpret the theme as well as links to pieces of outstanding flash fiction to help inspire your writing.

You'll also be added to a group chat on Twitter where you can discuss the prompts and find encouragement and support; and you can choose to upload your completed stories to a private Google workspace to receive feedback from me and the other members of the group.

The prompts are designed towards creating pieces of flash fiction but you're free to use them however you want - to inspire short stories or poetry, prose poems or hybrid forms.

Dates: 1st April to 30th April inclusive.

Price: Pay what you like. I'm firmly in favour of opening creative writing opportunities to people from all backgrounds. The suggested fee is £10 but I would encourage all writers to set their own fee dependent on what you feel you can afford. There's also no need to pay up front. When we get to the end of April, I'll send out a link to my PayPal and you can decide then what amount to pay.

Places limited to 30 participants.
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What happens next?
You'll receive an email from me checking your email address works correctly and acknowledging your sign up to the prompt group in the next week or so. At the end of March, I'll add you to a Twitter group chat as well as the Google workspace. Then, during April, you'll get a daily email each morning and I'll be on Twitter, looking forward to connecting with you all and hearing how you're doing with the prompts. I'm also looking forward to reading your stories and providing feedback for anyone who takes up that option.
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