Fall Tagging (October 18 - 20)
The Squadron is looking for volunteer drivers! More Infomation to come!

The time is upon us for 102 Squadron's fall tagging endeavours. Tagging is our main fundraiser and is critical for the success of our squadron. Tagging allows us to provide the excellent training that we do, and to go on FTXs, purchase new training equipment, as well as many other exciting activities.

*If you are participating in the Europe trip you must do a MINIMUM of 3 shifts*

Each cadet is required to complete three (3) shifts. Cadets are to be dropped off (at the Bayfield Mall Community Room) at the starting time listed for their shift (see below). Parents, please arrive to pick up your cadet(s) at the end-of-shift time. The shifts are as follows:

Friday PM (18 October): 16:45 - 21:15

Saturday AM (19 October): 08:30 - 13:00

Saturday PM (19 October): 12:00 - 17:45

Sunday AM (20 October): 09:00 - 13:00

Sunday PM (20 October): 12:00 - 17:15

If you need to change or cancel your shift selections, please email 102seniors@gmail.com.

Please note: All cadets who complete all-day shifts (AM and PM) will be provided lunch. Don't forget to fill out a lunch form! Lunch forms will be available on the Monday parade night(s) leading up to tagging and can also be filled out the morning of your tagging day.

Cadets are reminded to dress for the weather! The dress for tagging is C3 (tunic and tie with ribbons). Don’t forget your cadet toque and parka! Cadets without a uniform are to wear a white shirt and black pants; they are also to bring/wear a coat, gloves, and a toque. A dress shirt with a black tie is preferable.

If you CANNOT complete the minimum 3 shifts, you MUST reach out to the CI Erb or WO2 Prefontaine with a valid explanation that will have to be approved.

To see what shifts you've signed up for, check the "Have I Signed Up" page under the Signups tab on 102squadron.com.

Cadets, please keep in mind that while you're out tagging, you are representing 102 Squadron to the public, so we expect you to act professionally at all times.
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