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Thank you for signing up to pray in the Southampton House of Prayer. During the night you may be praying alone in the prayer room or in a small group. So we have a few safety measures to go through.

Please discuss this with someone in leadership at your church and obtain their blessing for your involvement. This could be your priest, minister, church warden, house group leader, elder, deacon etc.

We ask for your church leader's email so that we can ask them to complete a simple reference for you.

When we have received your church leader's reference we will send you a briefing sheet with full details about the prayer room.

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We need your phone number so that you can be recognised when you phone to say you have arrived outside the prayer room.
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priest, curate, pastor, house group leader, church warden, elder etc.
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Please make sure this is accurate as we need to send them your reference form.
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