Back to School Parent/Guardian Survey
We are asking you to complete this survey to help us in creating our plan to start school in August. Our plans must comply with the Governor's Executive Order and follow the 2020-21 Back to School Roadmap. However, there are some areas that allow for some flexibility. Your input is very important to us. Individual results will not be shared.

If you are not planning on having your child attend Evart Public Schools either through face to face or virtual, would you please share with us that your child will not be returning and the reasons why. You will find a place for your response at the end of this survey.

Please only complete one survey per household.
How many of your children will be attending Evart Elementary School? *
How many of your children will be attending Evart Middle School? *
How many of your children will be attending Evart High School? *
Which option below do you prefer for your child(ren)? *
Masks are required for all staff K-12 and students in grades 6-12. For elementary students-if the class is totally self contained-masks would not required while students are in the classroom. Which option for your elementary student would you prefer? *
Masks must be worn on the bus, when exiting a private vehicle, and entering the school grounds, to ensure the mask is in place when entering the school building. What is your current plan for getting your children to and from school? *
We are trying to do everything reasonably possible to keep everyone safe. Please mark all that you feel would make you more comfortable with your child returning to school. (Mark all that apply) *
What other options should the Back to School Task Force consider in developing the final plans for returning to school? (Please write N/A if you have nothing additional to add) *
My child(ren) will not be attending Evart Public Schools in the fall. We have made this decision for the following reasons. (Please write N/A if your children will be attending EPS) *
Thank you for taking the time to do our survey. Please provide your first and last name, and phone number below.
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