Dr. Thomas Park Physician Lecture (November 28th, 5PM, Location TBA)- RSVP Form
On November 28th at 5PM the SFP Physician Lecture Committee is hosting a lecture by Dr. Thomas Park, PhD, a researcher and professor at UIC. One of Dr. Park's research focuses is on the Neurobiology of Sensory Systems. Recently, Dr. Park published a research project in which he discovered that naked mole rats metabolize fructose instead of glucose and fall into suspended animation in low oxygen environments. His work has many potential medical applications and is a great opportunity for anyone interested in research. The location of the lecture is not yet known, but it will be announced in upcoming SFP emails. Members will be awarded 20 points for attending this lecture, with a penalty of 20 points for filling out an RSVP form but not attending. Thank you!
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